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Singalong Sprouts (2-5 YO) CLASSES


Singalong Sprouts (2-5 YO)

Welcome to ACM’s newest small group class: Singalong Sprouts! Join Miss Sandy on a musical adventure designed to cultivate a love for music in our budding musicians. This program is made for each student to bring along a parent or favorite grown up, allowing the opportunity for musical connection with family in a fun and inclusive environment! 

Through call-and-response activities, interactive singalongs, and rhythmic exploration, you and your child will move and groove to the beat. Each session is crafted to nurture your child’s inner musician, promote sensory development, and gain exposure to a diverse collection of music.

Singalong Sprouts isn’t just about music—it’s about fostering a meaningful connection between caregivers and their little ones. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or simply looking for a new activity to do with your child, this class offers a space to explore, all while engaging in our growing music community at ACM.

Come join us and watch as your little sprout blossoms into a confident and joyful music maker, one singalong at a time!

Mondays from 10:00 to 11:00 AM
$25 per class
$80 per 4-week session

1760 W. Wilson Ave.
Ages 2-5 years old
Maximum: 10 students

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Singalong Sprouts (2-5 YO)

Nurture your child’s inner musician, promote sensory development, and gain exposure to a diverse collection of music in this group class for young children.

Pricing: $20/$80

Level: Primer

Location: 1760 W. Wilson Ave.

Type: Class

Duration: 60 Minutes

Phone: 773-334-3650


MEET OUR Singalong Sprouts (2-5 YO) TEACHERS

Sandy Van Laningham

Piano, Voice and Children's Music Teacher | Location


ACM currently teaches 340 students in three locations and virtually. Hear what our students have to say!

Thank you for all that you’ve done for the Film Scoring Class If this class didn’t exist, I probably wouldn’t have been able to explore and pursue this thing I’m so passionate about and so enjoy.

Joanie Cox


ACM is a great place to take lessons! My son Ezra has improved at the cello so much since starting there and he's even composing his own music now!

Marcia Shuminas


Love this school! I came in wanting to learn a Yann Tiersen song and my teacher got it by ear, transcribed it and taught me to play it.

Rob Ryan


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