To integrate musical creativity into everyday life through performances of the music of diverse living composers, collaborative events designed to reach new audiences, innovative commissioning projects that foster the creation of new music and through storefront music schools that teach musical creativity.



ACM relies on contributions, both large and small, to support our innovative programs like the Thirsty Ears Festival, Relevant Tones, Sound of Silent Film, Composer Alive, Songs About Buildings and Moods and the ACM School of Music.

Your generosity enables us to continue our mission of integrating musical creativity into everyday life.

ACM a publicly supported, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. To support our programs, please consider making a secure online donation in any amount


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Meet our top supporters



10,000 and Above

John Boustead
City Arts Grant of Chicago
Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation
Illinois Arts Council
New York State Council of Arts
Prince Charitable Trusts at MacArthur

2,500 - 5,000

Amphion Foundation
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Alice M. Ditson Fund
SunFi Ye

1,000 - 2,500

James Adair
Linnea Boustead
Cliffdwellers Arts Foundation
Susan Doig
Elementum Advisors
Bob and Judy Kucera
Valerie Medelyan
Sandra K. Newman
Jessica and Oliver Richardson
Tony Scott-Green
Historic Milwaukee

500 - 999

John Bierbusse
Dovetail Brewing
Grant Park Music Festival
Hazel Boutique
George Thiruvathukal

250 - 499

Katherine Barnaby
Patricia Bayerlein
Marylyn Caton
Timothy Corpus
Jake Cowan
Irene Freelain
Jane Heron
Leah Kaiser
Janet Carl Smith
Steven Todd
Linda Winke

100 - 249

Galen Gulick
Meyer and Raena Hammerman Foundation
Deirdre Harrison
Valerie Hollaender
Mary Honda
Marissa Ingley
Jennifer Jepson
Kenneth Jones
Debra Kaye
A. Kazarian
Eric Kingery
Carrie Kirtz
Rohan Leach
Philip Morehead
Darius Morley Jr.
Anna Musci
Gregory Nigosian
Brian Packham
Patrick Powers
Juan Rodriguez
Carl Rogers
Jane Schaefer
Jen Schatzko
Kim Schlechter
David Schrader
Marcia Shuminas
Mary Sue Sidoti
Robert Steel
Nina Wilfred

50 - 99

Dave Belden
Deanne Borden
William Bradley
Luis Cerro Chiang
Dan and Erica Chandler
Robert Chen
Casey Chin
Sam Cottrell
Patricia Emerson
Bob Falwell
Sara Franco
Dan Goodman
Keith Hall
Kim Hughes
Nancy Hughes
Sarah Hummel
Florice Kovan
Mike Leghorn
Laverne Lund
Mark Lupescu
Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Amy Rasmussen
Melissa Rice
Donald Rogers
Tiffany Salzman-Jones
Ericka L. Samuels
Adriana Sanchez
Rachel Schaefer
Stephen Snowder
Greg Steinke
Alan Waterman
Hannah Francis Watts
Barbara Wetzel
Chris Widman
Heather Wiley

100 - 249

Mike Ardashnikov
Angela Asprec
Dave Belden
Miriam Argov
Sheila Arrildt
Larry Bennett
Katrina Burton
Lorenzo Cardine
Robert Cohn
Patrick Cummings
Anna Curry
Manuel Álvarez Diestro
Marla Eps
Amy Flannery
Denyse Ffrench
Bill Gaines

0 - 49

Aaron Alter
Regina Harris Baiocchi
Michael Bell
Christy Bennett
Samantha Borrow
Zenia Brezden
Joseph Buchheit
Kathleen Carter
Michael Chladek
Julie Degner
John W. Diaz
Craig Duff
Shanan Estreicher
Jennifer Fong
Julia Garcia
Judith Gloston-Getz
Melinda Green
Heather Hagerty
Jonathan Hannau
Cherray Harris
Ann and Gordon Howard
Venus Howard
Kim Hughes
Jeremy Irish
Paul Johnson
David Kawliche
Debra Kaye
Jeremy Kelton
Tomicka Keys
Mary Mac Kinnon
Kenneth Konopka
Mike Leghorn
Cal Macklin
Charles Macko
Jeffrey Maharry
Keith Mautner
Mirella Miranda
Patricia Murphy
Sandra Olsen
Kathleen Pace
Nakesha Seaton
Greg Steinke
Brian Toba
Thalia Torres
Emily Webb-Price
Aubree Weiley
Barb Weiley
Jill Wheedon
Regina Williams
Lan Vu


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