Mar 12, Apr 9, May 14

Composer Alive: Arshia Samsaminia

Composer Alive is an innovative commissioning project in which we work with a composer to write a new piece in installments

Each installment is sent to us as the composer writes it and then rehearsed, recorded and posted by our musicians in front of a live audience.

This unique way of working allows a composer total freedom to try out new ideas and gives our audience an inroad into the creative process by hearing a piece of music from its first idea, through rewrites to the finished product.

We are thrilled to be working with Iranian composer Arshia Samsaminia this year!  There will be three installments, all performed at the ACM School of Music for a small audience and then posted to our website with comments from the composer on his creative process.


1758 W. Wilson Ave.

Parking is limited to street parking


 Event schedule

There are three open rehearsal sessions. For those in Chicago who want to come we have space for twenty people. Otherwise we’ll be posting the videos each week following the recording.

Each installment will last about an hour.   The recording sessions are free but registration is required to attend.  The last installment is May 14th!


May 14th 5:00


Meet Our sponsors

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