December 30, 2021

Relevant Tones: Best Albums of 2021

2021 is a wrap!

Matt, Austin, Seth and Stephen choose some of our favorite album releases of the year including music by Pamela Z, Danielle Eva Schwob, Third Coast Percussion, Sergio and Clarice Assad and more.


  • We Need Volunteers for Thirsty Ears

    Chicago’s only classical music street festival returns to Ravenswood on August 13 and 14 but we need your help!  We’re looking for volunteers to help us at the entrances, in… Read More »We Need Volunteers for Thirsty Ears

    Now Available On All Platforms!

    Our maiden release on ACM’s own Invisible Cities label is a wide release of 2014’s 1001 Afternoons in Chicago! Featuring the seminal work of Ben Hecht, with music by ACM… Read More »Now Available On All Platforms!

    We Need Volunteers for Thirsty Ears

    Relevant Tones: Cross Roads