Logan Reeley

Logan Reeley has been a private guitar teacher for two years teaching students ranging from ages 8 to adult. He was inspired to start playing guitar at age 13 after hearing bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath and has spent countless hours learning and transcribing his favorite rock, metal, and 80’s pop tunes.

A dedicated student of his instrument, Logan believes in the power of practice and a goal oriented approach to playing. He advocates practice not just as a task to do everyday but a part of living a musical lifestyle.

Logan is a proponent of “Music as Language” approach to learning and experiencing music. He believes the best way to learn is to play. He places an emphasis on learning songs and jamming as a springboard to understanding the inner workings of music theory, ear training, and rhythm. The ultimate goal is to use these tools to unlock every students creative potential to express and be their own voice on the instrument.

He most recently has been playing with the rag tag outfit Ska Inc. on the Chicago street festival circuit and looks forward to summer every year.

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