Oct 14-16 2021

Relevant Tones Tenth Anniversary Festival

For ten years ACM’s award-winning podcast Relevant Tones has covered the most exciting time in classical music history: right now.  We celebrate this exciting milestone with an ambitious three-day live-taped festival.

Each show features music and conversation on a given theme including Rube Goldberg machines, the intersection of music and architecture and the monsters that live in the heads of each one of us.

Featured speakers include Daniel Libeskind, Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter Jennifer George and writer Stephen Asma.

The festival is October 14-16 at Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn.  Tickets are $20 per show or $40 for a festival pass.  Don’t miss this exciting live-taped podcast festival!  Tickets are on sale now!


Saturday, August 14th – 2pm to 10pm

Sunday, August 14th – 2pm to pm


1758 W. Wilson Ave.

Parking is limited to street parking

 Event schedule

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Useless Machines
October 14, 8:00 PM

Cartoonist Rube Goldberg’s intricately complex contraptions have inspired everyone from the classic Mousetrap game to Pee Wee Hermann, and the Rube Goldberg machine has become a household name.

This concert features music inspired by and incorporating Rube Goldberg machines and conversation with Jennifer George, Goldberg’s granddaughter, the author of numerous books about Goldberg and the director of the Rube Goldberg Institute.


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