December 9, 2021

ACM “Unveils” the Driehaus Museum on December 10th

The Driehaus Museum hosts a special evening for friends with “a feast for the senses”  through an exclusive sneak peek at a new docuseries created by ACM that explores the intersection of music and architecture.

In a production that began in 2021, Songs About Buildings and Moods reveals the 1883 Nickerson Mansion as never before interpreted: through the eyes—and ears—of musicians. The Museum’s stunning visuals combine with a richly-realized new piece of music composed for the Mansion to create an immersive artistic interpretation of our iconic space.

As Seth Boustead, ACM founder, explains, “Music and architecture are the only art forms that completely surround us.” Endeavoring to bring together these two encompassing mediums results in an experience that beautifully and completely conveys a sense of place, emotion, and mood.

Four-time Grammy winning cellist Nick Photinos will be joined by his colleagues, violinist Jeff Yang and clarinetist Zachary Good, to activate the Museum with a live performance of “The Marble Palace” while guests stroll through the space, experiencing it through the prism of music.


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