Ishani Mukherjee

Born and raised in Chennai, India, Ishani Mukherjee has been trained for over 12 years in two distinct traditions of music – Western classical and Carnatic (South Indian Classical) music. She has performed in numerous halls and music festivals starting at the age of nine, and has won competitions both at the national and international levels, including The Hindu Margazhi Classical Music Competition. She has collaborated with multiple Bharatnatyam dance productions, and has accompanied renowned vocalists on stage. Over the last year, she has been exploring music composition, and has on occasion written music that borrows elements from both the Western classical and Carnatic idioms.

Ishani is also deeply interested in mathematics, specifically discrete mathematics, covering areas such as graph theory and combinatorics. She has worked on multiple research projects with professors at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, a lauded institution for higher mathematics in India.

Ishani hopes to pursue a double major in music composition and mathematics as part of her undergraduate studies.